1. Our March

From the recording Instinct


Darling your head is spinningThe trains down below move slower than you doI know there's weakness in forgivingBut the world up above's doing all it can for you
Keep still, lay your hands 'side the corners of my chestLet them feel my tranquil heart,Make my steady beat your ownFor you will find solace once the panicking subsidesAnd your voice comes back to lifeNow that fear has lost control
Tell me, what’s the use in cowarding, submitting to defeatWhen the answer lies just ahead, and your world’s an easy fixTell me, why give up the journey when you’ve yet to tie your shoesSaddle up, fasten in, and we’re ready to begin our march
We marchTo the beat of the drum in our heartsWe marchOn a path that will end in the starsIt's our lifeIt's our timeAnd we flyHigher than skies will allowAnd we're proudOhOhOhAnd we march on
March on, down this road, as it winds unevenlyUnder twilight, sun and moonOver rough and jagged brickAnd we will, reach the end, not today but one day soonWhere we’ll rest our weary headsAnd we’ll call that place our home
In the meantime, I will find a way to keep this fire aliveThough I’m not one for promises, I’m quite the fan of dreams‘Cause there’s no point in the finish line if you won’t believe at allSaddle up, fasten in, and we’re all continuing our march
We marchOn the thundering winds of our songWe marchTo the beat in our hearts all alongIt's our lifeIt's our timeAnd we flyHigher than skies will allowAnd we're proudOhOhOhWe march
Darling, come on, the crowds are waitingIt’s time now for the march, and we need you with usThere’s no turning back, a new life’s up aheadWe can face this together, lock your arm in mineAnd we’ll march