It's a musical performer and a festival sensation, in a green dog costume!
The ultimate party animal!

NIIC (pronounced "Nice") is an epic performing experience of music and beyond, all centered around a big, green dog!

Locally, NIIC the Singing Dog is a fun, unique musical and entertainment act rocking the streets of Philadelphia. Supplied with a fun arsenal of original dance-pop songs and addictive cover tracks, NIIC takes on events of all kinds with his electrifying singing and music performance, all as a green dog. Whether he's a vocal artist that sings to his self-performed soundscapes, or a DJ supplying the right music to your ears, this animal knows how to keep the party going!
But the party doesn't stop when the music does! Additionally, NIIC performs beyond the singing and music, working alongside events with Human and Animal Rights organizations, various Science Fiction fandoms, and the Philadelphia bar, nightlife, and festival scenes alike! NIIC the Singing Dog is a performer on a mission: to take every event to the next level!
Behind this fun, fuzzy beast is Kyle McCarthy - a composer, performer, and music engineer from New York City (now in Philadelphia), who has brought the Singing Dog across the country to festivals, bars,
nightclubs, conventions, and everywhere in between!
No matter what kind of function you are a part of, NIIC the Singing Dog is the final ingredient that will take it to the next level! This is the performer you've been waiting for: NIIC the Singing Dog is the ultimate party animal! 

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