The Best Thing That Happened

© 2014 Kyle McCarthy


Need a minute of your time While the moment’s mine, gotta find
How I’m gonna tell you
That the two of us, you and me We’re the best team
And we’ve got no competition
It’s true Me and you
We’re the Bonny & Clyde, Two of a kind, 
Yeah the dynamic duo around
Enemy of the state, too late Better pray
Cause the both of us run this whole town
Wouldn’t You agree

That our world comes alive The stars in the sky all align
When we’re together
And the thunder is rolling Heavens are storming when life
Tries to separate us
But they can’t keep this apart
Don’t they know

We’re the best thing, very best thing
I’ll attest it, the very best thing
That could happen to this planet
Yeah I swear it
Oh, don’t you know
We’re the best thing, very best thing
No contesting, the very best thing
And we won’t be taken for granted
Now take my hand and
Let’s rule the world
Yeah we’re
The best thing that happened!

Now I’m thinking how it’d be Without you and me, I don’t know
What this world would look like Would the planet keep spinning
People living If so, I bet it wouldn’t be the same
It’s true Without me and you
I bet that sky would be green Birds would live in the sea
And the mountains would be flipped upside down
And the sun, the moon, and the stars They’d be around at all hours
The rooster wouldn’t know when to sing
But what if We we’re still here

Yeah we’d take back it all Right every wrong, here we are
And we’re gonna save the world
Birds back in the sky, Mountains upright, you and I
Just the way it all should be
‘Cause this world needs you and me
Yeah, don’t they know