Introduction: I Am

Kyle J McCarthy


It’s... the Beast! 

I have been running endlessly without intermission...

The only source of stamina I have left are my rolling thoughts:

The expulsion from the corner pet store...

The abduction of my freedom by curious lab coats...

The malfunction of a secret science laboratory underneath the power plant...

These past events in my life have escalated into a full-fledged hunt: 

A hunt for me.

Because I am in danger, or because I am dangerous?

From cityscape to jungle, I am welcomed nowhere.

But ultimately my freedom is left unchallenged...

Perhaps because my fate is not meant to be held in the hands of others,

But rather, in my own.

It would definitely explain why I continue to escape from these prisons,

And why freedom finds me again and again.

Because I am Unleashed... And I trust Instinct...

I am NIIC the Singing Dog... AND I AM THE BEAST!